Getting Motivated

Losing weight is all about setting goals and sticking to them. After all, you wouldn�t start a business or a project without a clear-cut idea of what you want to achieve, and how you plan to do that. Your weight loss plan deserves the same kind of attention. You need to set goals that are realistic, track your progress regularly and stay committed to your plan.

Setting goals
Setting goals is easy; setting goals that can be implemented is difficult. When you start a weight loss programme, you need to set both short-term as well as long-term goals. This is necessary as long-term goals may seem initially virtually impossible and may lead you to abandon your diet plan. For instance, trying to lose 20 kgs in four months may seem too distant, and you may get discouraged by the slow pace.

To stay motivated, you need to feel a sense of success along the way. So start by choosing small and easily unattainable goals, such as restricting eating out to once a week or trying a new exercise. Whatever goals you set, don�t be a slave to them. If your fitness schedule isn�t going according to plan, don�t fret. Take a break and try something different. Keep your goals specific, measurable, achievable and realistic and see how quickly you get to them.

Behavioural Modification
To achieve healthy eating habits, you need to revamp your behavioural patterns. Make a list of your dietary intake and identify the problem areas. It could be that you are eating too much, or are eating the wrong kind of food. Setting and reaching short-term goals, such as eating slowly or putting your spoon down in between bites, would help you achieve your long-term goals. Other behaviour modification techniques which could help you follow healthy eating habits include:

  • Try not to do anything while you eat. Turn off the TV or shut that magazine before you start to eat
  • Eat at the same place everyday, preferably your dining table.
  • Serve yourself small portions and go back if you need more
  • Learn to say no to foods that you know you should avoid.
  • Stock your fridge with healthy stuff so that you eat only that
  • Drink water before you start eating. This will make you full, without adding any calories. .
  • Chew slowly, relax and enjoy your food. Make mealtimes a pleasurable and relaxing activity rather than a rushed affair.

Planning well ahead is one of the key factors in staying motivated. If you did not get time to cook your lunch or you forgot your lunch at home, don�t take the easy way out and order a pizza. Buy some fruit instead. By determining what you should eat will save you a whole lot of calories and fat. Also distract yourself away from unhealthy foods. Do you really need that pizza? Does it fit in with your weight loss plan? Think of other healthy options.

And always focus on small positive changes and concentrate on goals that are achievable and will keep you motivated to adhere to your diet plan.

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